Influencer marketing has finally been simplified into 5 steps

Influence Switzerland is a fully automated and connected campaign management and matchmaking platform.

1. Design

Publications created by content creators on the platform directly according to the brand brief.

2. Release

The brand validates the content or asks for it to be redirected for validation.

3. Broadcast

Once validated, the content is sent from the platform to the influencers’ Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn or Facebook profiles.

4. Payment

Content creators are paid directly and automatically via the platform as soon as they are published.

5. Monitoring

The brand monitors the performance of its campaigns in real time (rate of engagement, comments, likes, etc.) according to the total budget.

6 reasons to use Influence Switzerland

Autonomous multi-campaign management with selection of content creators according to defined criteria (matching).

Validation of content directly in the platform and automatic distribution.

Automated relationship building right through to influencer remuneration.

Access to statistics for each content creator.

Micro & Nano-influencers from 2,000 subscribers with a minimum engagement rate of 1.7%.

Guaranteed results with performance measured automatically and available for consultation in real time during the campaign.

Free registration for influencers

Brands & Influencers:
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Influence Switzerland, an automated connection on social networks

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